Coyoc Capital strives to be an active long term investor. Through our vast experience and network in the finance industry, Coyoc Capital will ensure that assets or investment projects will work with the best external experts in every field, in case Coyoc Capital does not have the in-house knowledge itself.

We work hard to give our investments personalized financial, development and operational advice, while at the same time connecting with the experts and specialists required to help meet investment unique goals and objectives. We tailor a fund raising strategy for each investment need to ensure focus on investment value enhancement .

  • Coyoc Capital focuses on small and mid cap companies.
  • Coyoc Capital can act as an active or passive investor, take small or large stakes.
  • Coyoc Capital can co-invest or be the main investor.
  • Coyoc Capital works with a network of worldwide renowned investment banking partners and investors.
  • Coyoc Capital provides our investment partners with some of the most interesting cases in the market.
  • Coyoc Capital analyzes cases on behalf of our investment partners and act as their investment managers.

Our experience supports you in a wide range of unique strengths:

  • Rapid decision making capabilities
  • Strong track record for building strategic and financial partnerships
  • Expertise in North & Latin America
  • Portfolio of Real Estate, IoE, Smartcities, Telecom industry and Technology investmentsa
  • Supportive of investee companies requiring capital